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What To Do When Your SPG Stay Credit Doesn’t Post

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It’s that time of year again when I’m assessing how many mattress runs I need to do to keep my hotel elite status. In doing so, I realized that my two Starwood stays in Italy hadn’t posted yet. It had been longer than the requisite 7 days so it was time to follow up.

It was easy enough to find the link to Report a Missing (Paid) Stay.

The process for requesting credit for Free Nights Awards or a Cash & Points Award stay or night is a little different and requires calling the Customer Care Center. It took the agent less than 3 minutes to determine that my stay credit hadn’t posted and put in the request. My welcome points and stay credit should show up in the next seven days.

I love Starwood, but I find their website the worst for determining if stays have posted, despite the recent improvements to the profile.

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I’ve started keeping a spreadsheet of hotels and dates so I can tell if everything is included in the progress bar. “Past Stays†only displays paid stays and most of mine are awards or cash & points.


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