How to Get Free Science Museum Admission Around the World

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If you like visiting science museums and centers as part of your trips, definitely check out the ASTC Travel Passport Program (Association of Science Technology Center). You pay for admission/membership at one participating museum (which determines the travel passport price) and you get free general admission to participating science museums around the US and the world.

The one catch is that you do not get free admission to museums within 90 miles of your residence and 90 miles around the museum you where you joined. So if you can, be strategic where you join. Either join at a museum within 90 miles of your residence or pick a place no where near other locations. 🙂

Based on a cursory look, it appears that membership ranges $49+, if someone finds a cheaper location, please share in the comments.

I wish I had known about this sooner, since the OMSI in Portland Oregon participates in the program. And if you are interested in museums outside of science, check out Bank of America’s Museums On Us program.

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  1. Well, if you have to spend $49 to obtain the passport, then it really isn’t free, is it?

    I know you meant well, but the title should be changed to something less misleading.

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