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What’s in the March Glossybox? #BigWin

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As you might have noticed, I’ve gradually been shifting my allegiance from Birchbox ($10/mo) to Glossybox ($21/mo). Why? Because the products tend to be slightly higher end and a great percentage of them are things I would actually want to try!

Fortunately the friend I compare Birchbox contents with has also made the switch, so I can get a better sense of whether I’m just lucky or if the products are consistently better. And what we’re finding is the there’s less variance between Glossyboxes, and that’s a good thing. There’s also few/no food items which is also a plus 🙂

With the exception of the January glossybox, which happened to be perfectly timed for my Singapore trip, this is the best box yet!

March Glossybox Spring Fling

March Glossybox

The contents we both had were great (or at least worth trying). First up was Model Co Cheek + Lip tint. There’s some concern that it might be a bit too bright for either of us, but since I love lip gloss products, it will definitely be fun to try.

March Glossybox Model Co Cheek + Lips

Next up, a travel size can of Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce. I’m in love with my Potion #9 by Sebastian, so looking forward to trying this one for the times I need a slightly more rigid hold (like when it snows during a friend’s wedding).

March Glossybox Sebastian Professional Shaper FierceThe one I was most excited to see was the Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap. I rarely use bar soap, but it’s always fun to see if there’s one that can woo me from my body wash. The best part about this? It also came with a $40 voucher towards any purchase on the site! A quick glance showed that makes half the products free, or only $5-$10. Pretty good deal!

March Glossybox Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap


Now for the differences in our boxes. Hers came with a liquid eyeliner in a respectable color (no purple this time) but unfortunately not a product either of us use.

March Glossybox Elite Paris Matt liner

The highlight of her box was a super cool lip gloss crayon that goes on smoothly and feels like a lip balm. The super girly packaging, yep, that’s Tinkerbell and the Disney logo on it, and kind of crazy name made us initially skeptical, but looks like Disney might have gotten this higher end beauty product right.

March Glossybox PixiGlow Magic Tink Tint

I’ll admit I found myself hoping my Glossybox would have the Magic Tink Tint in it (mine arrived a few days later), but I couldn’t have been happier with what I got!

First up, an Elite Models Intensity Eye Pencil, something I will use every day. And a travel size tub of super expensive ($123) Koh Gen Do Cosmetics Oriental Plants Emollient Cream. And since I love trying new creams almost as much as lip gloss, I was really happy!

March Glossybox Elite Models eye pencil Koch Gen Do Cosmetics Oriental Plants Emollient


If you’d like to jump on the Glossybox bandwagon (they’re still selling the March box), you can help me get a free box by using my referral link:

If you’re already on the Glossybox bandwagon I’d love to know if you got different products this month.


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