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Tight Quarters at the Park Hyatt Seoul

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I was SUPER excited about staying at the Park Hyatt for my second night in Seoul. I love Park Hyatts and this one looked amazing from the pictures. And since it’s a category 4 I was also able to use the free night cert from my Hyatt Visa to skip the $400 price tag and get the room for free. And then there was the fact it was located in Gangnam, which appealed to my adolescent side. 😉 Getting there from the airport was really easy. KAL runs a deluxe limousine to that area for only ~$16. Park Hyatt Seoul Entrance We entered at the ground level where they took possession of our bags and directed us to the elevator which went (almost) straight to the top floor to check in. Park Hyatt Seoul Lobby Our room was ready — and we were offered points or a welcome drink as our amenity. I asked for red wine to be delivered later and we headed to a second set of elevators which exclusively served the guest room floors. Park Hyatt Seoul Elevator The hallway was quite interesting. The building is very angular and the decor made it look more like an art gallery or museum than your typical hotel. I kinda dug the way the room doors blended into the walls. Park Hyatt Seoul Hallway Park Hyatt Seoul Room We’d been upgraded to a Deluxe room and when I first walked in, I was rather overwhelmed. And not in a good way. The blackout shades had been drawn to keep out the sun and my first impression was of a crowded, windowless, rather claustrophobic space. Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe with drapes All the furniture was really cool, but because of the angle of the room there was very little room to move without bumping into it or my friend. A good room for a solo traveler or romantic pair, but a little stressful for even the best of traveling companions The hallway to the bathroom was right where the door opened, so if you had any luggage near the opening, you had to climb over it to get into the bathroom. The bathroom itself was spacious and impressive, the highlight being the shower and tub right in front of the window. The rough stone wall of the shower was beautiful! The only downside to the bathroom was the loose fitting door to the toilet area which again limited privacy.Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe Bathroom (2) Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe Bathroom with drapes After exploring the room I found the button to raise the drapes and things started to improve. The floor to ceiling glass windows did a lot to make the room feel more open. And once I was worn out from hiking the N Seoul Tower and walking all over the city, I was less restless and could stay in one chair and not bump into things. Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe Windows Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe Shower Bathtub Park Hyatt Seoul Deluxe Furniture Windows Right around this time they also called down to let us know they no longer offered wine as a welcome drink and would I prefer juice or points. I took the points. Before we headed out to see the sights, we popped up to the lobby restaurant to grab a quick lunch and had our second shock of the day. I’m used to staying in nice hotels, so I should have been prepared for the prices, but they caught me a little off guard. Lunch entrees started at $25 and up. It was the wine list that really got me. A glass of mediocre wine started at $35. OUCH. Park Hyatt Seoul Lobby Food Even had the room been so amazing we wanted to do nothing but hang out in it, we could haven’t afforded to, and were all the more encouraged to shake our jet lag and get out and about! Park Hyatt Seoul View from Lobby But despite the prices, the view from the lobby was amazing! If you can afford a drink, it is definitely worth spending some time up there, particularly in the evening enjoying the view. Interestingly enough, their infinity pool is adjacent to the restaurant and visible through glass walls, so depending on who is using it at the time, the view could either lessen or improve. 😛 Fortunately I was a diamond, so I didn’t have to worry about affording breakfast which was amazing. To get to it you do have to take an elevator from your room to the lobby and then down from the lobby to Cornerstone, the restaurant on the 2nd floor. Park Hyatt Seoul Cornerstone Breakfast The space is amazing and the options feel endless! In addition to the bread station, the smoothie station, the fruit and yogurt displays, the Korean options, and usual eggs, potatoes and bacon, you can order off a menu. Which I did 🙂 Park Hyatt Seoul Cornerstone Breakfast Menu I loved the views from the hotel, the great service from the staff, and the convenience of a subway stop right outside the hotel doors. But since we were there primarily to see the sights in a very short amount of time, its location wasn’t the most convenient and staying at the Grand Hyatt Seoul would have significantly reduced transit time and effort. I wanted to love the Park Hyatt Seoul — I was more excited about staying here than almost any other booking we had. But as amazing as it was, it just didn’t quite “fit” and left me a little cold. Maybe next time with different expectations it will be better… And now, for all those who made it to the end of this post, and perhaps, like me have “Gangnam Style” running in their head here’s a little bonus material.

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