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Sneak Peak at the Park Hyatt Vienna Opening This Summer

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Hyatt was kind enough to set up a tour for me of the new Park Hyatt Vienna opening in June! I love Park Hyatts and was sad when I realized there were no Hyatt properties in Austria, so I was excited that at least I’d get a chance to see what I might be missing (and want to return for).

Photo: Coming Soon: Preview of the New Park Hyatt Opening in Vienna --

The hotel was still under construction and they requested I not take pictures. However, as we stood in the various spaces comparing the renderings with the actual rooms, I was struck by how perfect they were. Every detail in the picture had been faithfully executed in the rooms, so I’ve included those in this post.

The concept was to combine all the history of the 100 year old ornate bank building with modern technology. And I think they nailed it.

The reception and ground floor restaurant, The Bank, have all the original marble floors and luxurious details.

Park Hyatt Vienna Entrance

The Bank, appropriately named, is where the tellers served customers and features the original clock.

Park Hyatt Vienna The Bank Restaurant

The meeting areas and ballroom on the first floor (second floor for Americans) will be accessed by the original broad marble staircase and are housed in former offices of the bank’s board of directors. They are flooded with natural light, and decorated with mirrors, detailed chandeliers, and marble fireplaces. I was most impressed by the wood paneled walls which seemed as intricate as those I’d seen the day before at Schonbrunn Palace. I wish the conference rooms I’m usually in (or my own office) were half as nice!

Park Hyatt Vienna Meeting Rooms

The ballroom which will be able to hold ~200 people has great windows and detailed wood walls. The highlight, in my opinion, the gorgeously decorated ceiling.

Park Hyatt Grand_Salon_Theatre_style

But of course it was the guest rooms I was most excited to hear about. And it’s good news!

All the rooms, even the standard rooms are enormous by European standards. The smallest guest rooms come in around 35 sqm, and there’s only a few. All other standard rooms will be roughly 40-60 sqm! Rooms on the first three floors keep the lofty ceilings from the original building.

That’s another feature I loved about this hotel. Because of the shape of the building, all the rooms are unique in size and layout. Something I really enjoy, except in places like San Francisco where you can get stuck in a tiny closet behind an elevator. Another interesting quirk to the building is a small portion of it shares the external architecture (and wall) of a church.

One room had already been completed so I was able to see firsthand how the attention to detail in the meeting rooms below was present in the guest rooms – a delightful mix of modern and historic. Tradition inspired features like ornate mosaic tiled floors in the entry way and patterns on the doors. And contemporary comforts like a flat screen TV that can be hidden behind a mirror if you don’t want to see it and two sinks in almost every bathroom.

Park Hyatt Vienna King Standard Room

Park Hyatt Vienna Flat Screen (2)

What we were able to see was dependent on what areas were unlocked and accessible. My luck held and I was able to see the Arany spa, located in the basement area. There will be six treatment rooms and the usual steam bath, sauna, etc. The mosaic tiled walls already up suggested it’s going to be amazing.

Park Hyatt Aranya Spa

And I was thrilled with the pool, which will be kept a secret until the hotel opening. I am allowed to share that is in the former bank vault. Visitors to the spa will be able to look out onto the pool through the original vault door. Pretty cool!

I loved my brief stay at the Hotel Bristol (review coming), but it looks like the Park Hyatt will give it a run for its money.

The Park Hyatt Vienna is scheduled to open in June and in a few weeks (April) they start taking reservations for September. If anyone makes it there before I do, I’d love to know what you think!


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