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Hotel Review: Hyatt Key West

a room with two beds

I knew very little about Key West before I booked my last minute trip, so when I saw there was a Hyatt in the downtown area and right on the water, it made my decision easy. The charming independent hotels were in the same price range, $300-$400 a night, and by booking with Hyatt I’d get free breakfast and a Diamond amenity.

The first thing that struck me about the Hyatt Key West was the non-prominent entrance. There’s a tiny portico shrouded in trees and a modest parking lot for guests facing the street, with self parking included in the resort fee. I didn’t realize that I’d need to check in before pulling into the one way unmanned, gated parking lot, so there was some embarrasing backing up and pulling up to the front again.a street with cars parked on it

The lobby is brightly lit and charming, but quite small. However, they make up for it in hospitality. I was immediately greeted and offered some prosecco or non-alcoholic beverages.

a glass of champagne with bubbles in it

They ran through all the local information — location of gym, bar, pool and beach hours, the best place to see the sunset and more. I was also told that the $25 resort fee was discounted to $15. A pleasant suprise!

I was in time for their pool-side bar happy hour which ran daily 4-6PM, but had just missed the manager’s reception which is 4-5PM on Wednesdays.

a group of turtles in a pondIn a rush to set my stuff down and skidaddle over to the sunset viewing square I didn’t even notice the several turtle pools on premises until the next morning. And I was lucky it wasn’t raining as the hotel is 3 buildings with uncovered walkways and the pool between them.a pool with lounge chairs and a building

But I made it up to my room on the second floor of the building on the farthest left. No mention had been made of an upgrade, but it seemed like I’d been given a room with a partial view of the ocean, preferable in my opinion to the rooms facing the pool!

a room with two beds and a mirror

a room with two beds

I had booked the cheapest room last minute, so I wound up with double beds, but the room was so spacious it didn’t really matter.

No work desk (not surprising for a Key West location) but the vanity could double as a desk thanks to the many outlets.

a mirror and desk in a room

There was additional seating, and a balcony. The floors were tile, which I appreciated given all the rain and sand I inevitably tracked in despite my best efforts and leaving my shoes at the door. 🙂

a room with a bed and a mirror

a table and chairs on a balcony

The bathroom was fantastic with a particularly large bright shower.

a bathroom with a shower and sink

There was a reception going on in the tiny beach when I arrived but I got a chance to check it out the next morning on my way to breakfast. Definitely tiny. And the swimming area even more so.

a row of chairs on a beach

Despite the light drizzle I opted to sit out on the porch for breakfast the next morning.

a room with tables and chairs

a restaurant with tables and chairs on a deck

The binoculars are a nice touch.

a table with a view of water and boats

Diamonds get a free entree, coffee or tea, and juice per registered guest.

a card with black text

I enjoy Hyatt breakfasts because there’s usually some locally themed fare on there. This time it was the shrimp benedict served on toasted cuban bread. Quite good.

a menu with black text

a plate of food on a table

Service across the board at this hotel was friendly but very slow. My wine and cheese amenity which had been scheduled for 7PM showed up at 7:30.

a plate of food and a wine bottle

The deoderant I had requested from Hyatt Has It took 40 minutes to arrive intead of the 5-10 I had been quoted. And despite being the only registered guest in the room I received.  Old Spice rather than the female version. At breakfast I was definitely not hurried.

And interestingly enough at checkout, the discounted resort fee didn’t show up so I asked about it. The person helping me had never heard of that, her manager quoted $20 instead of the $15 I had been told the night before. I was completely fine with being charged with whatever the correct rate should be but because of the “confusion” they waived the fee entirely which I thought was quite generous.

I had a great short stay and loved the location which was only a few blocks from most of the restaurants and bars but far enough away that it was fairly quiet at night. But for $350+ a night I’m not sure it would be worth it if I didn’t have Hyatt status that came with free breakfast and upgrades. At that price point its definitely worth considering some of the historic hotels and bed and breakfasts.

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