New “Hyatt Has It” Program Has Me Hooked

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Over the years I’ve always appreciated the travel size tube of toothpaste that Hyatt provides along with the standard lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. In the past year, as my non-Starwood stays have increased, I noticed various Hyatt properties were stepping it up.

At any nicer hotel I know I can usually ask for a comb or razor when I forget, but at the Hyatt properties they were openly advertising it. On our overnight mileage run in December, Jeanne & I decided at the last minute we’d rather loll in the hot tub than freeze walking around Winter Wonderland. Only problem, we hadn’t packed razors for our 24 hr trip. A little card on the desk advertised all that they offered and a quick call to the front desk and within 5 minutes we had razors and shaving cream delivered to our door! (full review of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara to come)

When I stayed at the Park Hyatt Washington DC for New Year’s Eve, I forgot my toothbrush in the excitement of heading to the Ambassador Suite. And on the recent stay at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich for a girl’s weekend, both Jeanne & I forgot to pack deodorant, which became a non-issue.

The freedom of not having to worry about the little things or start frantically looking for a CVS or 7-Eleven upon arrival is a huge plus for me. In fact, so irrational is my love of this convenience, that I tried to justify spending $149 for the Houston Hyatt instead of 3,000 points for the Sheraton near the airport the night before my flights to Singapore. Why? I liked the idea of not having to pack a toothbrush, razor, and other essentials I’d need for the one night since those would be supplied on the plane, in lounges, and at the Singapore hotel for the rest of the trip. (Rationality ultimately won and I stayed at the Sheraton since throwing away those items there was cheaper than the Hyatt night.)

Anyway, all those examples were just to illustrate how excited I was when I saw the “Hyatt Has It” program being promoted on their website.

Hyatt Has It Amenities

This program is amazing. For me, a trip can be made or ruined on the little things. Feeling bad about buying yet another toothbrush or panicking because I forgot Advil. And how easily a basic room can feel that much more luxurious if you can do weights in the privacy of your own room when you forgot to pack sneakers or steam a dress you managed to cram into your carry-on.

What amused me the most is when looking up when this program actually launched, I came across a USA Today post from two days ago titled “What do women want from hotels? Flatirons and good shampoo.” The post went on to talk about research Hyatt had done on what female travelers value, and how recent changes – rolling out that day – were in response.

Although I somewhat resent finding out I fit a profile, I have to say Hyatt nailed it on this one. 🙂 And this just reinforces the one major issue I have with Hyatt – there’s not enough of them!


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