A Night at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver

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Only 7 of my 21 hours in Vancouver were spent at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, but it was a nice stay! After a late flight and barely getting to the rental car counter before they closed, we didn’t get to the hotel until after 1AM. That actually worked to our advantage since we found a parking space (metered) right out front, a nice alternative to the ~$38 self-parking charge!

The hotel was quiet, the lobby still decked out with giant gingerbread houses and holiday decorations.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Check In Lobby

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review  Gingerbread Holiday display

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Lobby Holiday Keri

Quiet except for the check in line. Apparently we weren’t the only folks getting in late and there were several people in front of us. But eventually it was our turn and we were being welcomed as Diamond guests, given our keys and instructed in how to use the elevator. Yep, how to use the elevator.

The elevator was the most unique thing about this property and it was the first time I’d seen this technology. You punch in what floor you want (rather than a pushing an up or down button) and it assigns you an elevator.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Elevator Controls

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Elevator Assignment

When we were the only people awake it was great. The problem came during peak times when it became packed. Normally folks will wait rather than boarding an already overcrowded elevator, but because they’d been “assigned,” they got on anyway.

We were on a high floor, but otherwise there was no upgrade, which didn’t really matter since we would be there less than 8 hours. And the room was perfectly comfortable and felt new.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Hallway

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review 2803

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Double Bedroom

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Double Room

I was rather taken with the decorative entry hallway.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Entry walkway

The bathroom was attractive and we liked the mirror which didn’t fog up nearly as much.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Bathroom Mirror

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Bathroom

The only problem was the sliding door. There was a large gap between door and wall which eliminated most privacy, particularly unfortunate when sharing with a friend or co-worker. And the decorative the glass wall which meant any nighttime trips to the bathroom would disturb your roommate.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Bathroom Drawbacks

Next morning we went down to breakfast at Mosaic which offered an extensive buffet.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review Mosaic breakfast

Not only was there plenty of smoked salmon and pastries, but in addition to the usual “eggs to order” station there were 8-10 hot options. Probably one of the best selections of hot options I’ve seen in a North American Hyatt I’ve seen, going beyond the usual bacon, potatoes, pancakes, etc. But it was extremely crowded  and I had very few opportunities to sneak some pictures.

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