Korean Air First Class Lounge in Incheon Airport

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After zipping through Incheon Airport security thanks to checking in at the City Terminal, we had about 2 hours before our flight was due to depart. First we hunted for postcards, then we hunted for the First Class Lounge.

KAL First Class Lounge Incheon from main levelNot much of a hunt! It’s rather fun that you can see it’s upstairs location from the main terminal level.

Korean Airlines First Class Terminal Signage

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge Entrance ICN

We checked in at the front desk and were invited to go in, but there was no mention of the complimentary engraved luggage tags I’d heard about from other travelers. The lounge was spacious but felt a little dated. Though I admit I might be spoiled by Cathay Pacific’s new gleaming surfaces in The Wing.

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge hallway

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge ICN seating

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge seating 2

After finding seats next to a power outlet (there were many along the back wall), we checked out the food options. The lounge is catered by the Hyatt Regency Incheon and we’d enjoyed the offerings in their club lounge. We were between main meals (2PM), but there was three hot dishes (which had been there awhile), two cheeses, some sandwiches, salad, carrot soup and ice cream.

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge  hot food

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge ICN sandwiches

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge ICN fruit salad

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge ICN ice cream

The wine selection was limited, but they did at least have prosecco so we were able to kick off the next leg of our trip with some bubbly.

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge ICN prosecco

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge ICN Keri toast

There was a dining room, which had a few tables and a loud TV, but we chose just to eat at our seats as most folks did.

Korean Airlines First Class Lounge dining room

I did some research about the luggage tags and decided to ask about them. They were willing enough to provide them on request, I just gave them our boarding passes to copy down the information and they told us we could pick them up when we left.

Very nice looking, I’d just expected them to be a little bigger? They were about half the size of a business card.

A very decent but unremarkable lounge. Unlike the Thai First Class Lounge in Bangkok or other super impressive lounges, if you’re deciding whether to spend time in the lounge or walk around the beautiful terminal, it’s a toss up.

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