Korean Airlines First Class Seoul to Kuala Lumpur

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Turned out our gate was very close to the First Class Lounge so we arrived early. The airline agents encouraged us to take a seat, but when they saw our tickets, they told us it would be a few minutes and we should stay where we were.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL check in

Right before boarding started they motioned us to go stand by the First Class sign. No one else was around, so I hoped that meant we’d get the cabin to ourselves, but wasn’t counting on it.

Turns out we did! And even better — though our itinerary had indicated we had the old Sleeper Seats, we wound up in the Kosmos Sleeper Suites we’d flown over to Seoul. Much newer with more privacy.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL Keri

Plus, the Southeast Asia and Oceania-only Perrier Jouet Rose I had coveted was offered prior to take off. AND we got another set of PJs which I was not expecting – even better when the flight attendant referred to it as “comfortwear.”

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL Perrier Jouet Rose macademia

The crew seemed to like our festive vacation air and entered into the spirit — offering great and very friendly service. Both of us were hoping to get a glimpse of the North Korea border from the air (easier seen at night actually when you can see one many bright lights on one side and alarmingly few on the other) so we were allowed to sit in the window seats during take out.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL empty cabin

Another fun part — the aircraft flagman on the ground waved goodbye as we were taking off. 🙂

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL farewell wave

Dinner was good. It started with a really tasty goat cheese and anchovy stuffed tomato with herb butter.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL Dinner Menu

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL hot savoury

The appetizer was a King crab crepe.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL appetizer

Then the potato and leek soup I’d had on the flight over.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL potato soup

And fresh salad with choice of dressing.

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL salad

My friend and I both picked the Korean style ginseng chicken soup with rice and side dishes. She had asked not to have the first two courses, but this was an example of the language barrier. She didn’t want them to waste food she wouldn’t eat, but she wound up with nothing but the main course.

But regarding the main course — neither of us were expecting a whole chicken in the bowl!

Korean Airlines First Class ICN-KUL ginseng chicken soup

I’m a little squeamish about such things, particularly armed with only a spoon and chopsticks so though the broth had an amazing flavor and the chicken was incredibly tender, the texture of the boiled meat left a little to be desired.

At this point I was full to bursting and skipped the fruit and cheese course.

I actually slept for several hours and skipped the Chinese seafood noodle soup second course. The flight wasn’t long enough to work up a second appetite!

And this time when we landed they gave us a fast pass to get through immigration!

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