Tour Thai Airways’ A380 and First Class Lounges

a woman standing at a reception desk

When I was searching for lounges and planes available via Google Street View last week turns out I missed my favorites! Whether you have enough miles for a ticket or not, you can check out their First Class check in, tour Thai Airways’ A380 and 787, and even see all the lounges, including the First Class lounge and Spa!

My mom is no longer able to travel, so we have fun with stuff like this — it’s a better way to show her my favorites than all the pictures I try to take.

a man standing next to a man standing behind a podium

Thai Airways Royal Orchid First Class Lounge

a long hallway with chairs and tables

a woman in a pink dress standing in a room with chairs and a table

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa

a room with a wood partition and a chair

a massage table in a room

Royal Silk Lounge Concourse D

a lobby with people sitting at the counter

Royal Silk Lounge Concourse C
a room with a table of food

Royal Silk Lounge Concourse Ea lobby with people sitting at the counter

a woman sitting at a table in a restaurant

Thai Airways A380

two women in a cabin

a man standing in the middle of an airplane

Thai Airways 787

a close-up of a plane

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