Passenger Planes Make Side by Side Landing, Free Wine & More

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Planes landing on parallel runways isn’t uncommon, but it’s still cool to see. Particularly when it’s synchronized!

It’s Wine Wednesday! Like WTSO’s post on Facebook for a chance to win $25 in credit. Also a perfect excuse to add to my collection, and considering a new site. Has anyone tried Underground Cellar?

WTSO Wine Wednesday

The latest SPG Hot Escapes are out, and it appears the minimum discount has indeed dropped from 20% to 15%. So still decent if you have upcoming Starwood stays in the next 6 weeks, but less exciting. However, they do have quite a few aiport locations on sale (choose airport proximity to search)– 13 in the US, 7 in Europe, and 2 in Asia.

Check out Gymnast Gabby Douglas’ Beauty Routine

Flying on a private jet is still at the top of my wish list. My guess is my first time will probably be trying out the affordable semi-private options on JetSuiteX. Fun review on what that $99 experience is like from BaldThoughts.

Not really related to travel, but this headline caught my eye: Nintendo offers really stupid reasons why you can’t play as a woman in The Legend of Zelda

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Living for the little (and big things) that make life so fun, especially mistake deals and crazy last minute weekend mileage runs across the world.

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  1. Lee @ BaldThoughts

    June 15, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks for sharing my JetSuiteX experience. It is REALLY going to be hard to go back to Southwest after this, but it was so worth it! They still have some relatively affordable fares of $99 or $129 one-way, so poke around their calendar to see if any of the dates fit your travel plans.

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