Passenger Planes Make Side by Side Landing, Free Wine & More

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Planes landing on parallel runways isn’t uncommon, but it’s still cool to see. Particularly when it’s synchronized!

It’s Wine Wednesday! Like WTSO’s post on Facebook for a chance to win $25 in credit. Also a perfect excuse to add to my collection, and considering a new site. Has anyone tried Underground Cellar?

WTSO Wine Wednesday

The latest SPG Hot Escapes are out, and it appears the minimum discount has indeed dropped from 20% to 15%. So still decent if you have upcoming Starwood stays in the next 6 weeks, but less exciting. However, they do have quite a few aiport locations on sale (choose airport proximity to search)– 13 in the US, 7 in Europe, and 2 in Asia.

Check out Gymnast Gabby Douglas’ Beauty Routine

Flying on a private jet is still at the top of my wish list. My guess is my first time will probably be trying out the affordable semi-private options on JetSuiteX. Fun review on what that $99 experience is like from BaldThoughts.

Not really related to travel, but this headline caught my eye: Nintendo offers really stupid reasons why you can’t play as a woman in The Legend of Zelda

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