Airline Setting Aside Seats for Solo Female Travelers, Cheap Wine Deals & More

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Highlights and headlines from around the web:

Starting January 18, Air India is allocating a row of 6 seats on all their flights just for women traveling solo. I’ve always been fortunate to have decent seatmates, but with all the in-flight assaults making the news, this can definitely increase one’s feeling of security.

Back in stock! Amazon’s “free” men and women beauty boxes for Prime Members are once again available. Buy the box and get a purchase credit equivalent to what you paid for select products!a box with a blue wrapping paper

Today is WTSO’s Cheapskate Marathon which features highly rated bottles all priced $8.99-$18.99 with free shipping on 4 or more. WTSO (Wines Til Sold Out is one of my go-to online wine stores — a great way to get boutique wines at a big discount).

Overheard in the lounge this morning: Maybe you should grow a Man Bun before your next trip to NYC? There’s a bar in Brooklyn that is offering a full bottle of booze for any man who will cut off their man bun in the bar.

Forbes has a list of the top 12 underrated wine regions to visit in 2017. Ontario, Canada (Niagara Falls) made the list for good reason — they’re doing amazing reds in addition to the expected ice wines. Applegate Valley Oregon was also mentioned — just had an outstanding Syrah from there. The one region I thought was missing? Idaho! They’re making truly incredible wines in the southwestern part of the state.a sign in front of a building

For business women who don’t like to shop, this website is delivering bento boxes of timeless, fitted professional clothing.

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