Developing: UK Rescue Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh Cancelled

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Interesting and confusing news this morning about the situation in Sharm el-Sheikh, and stranded tourists are paying the price.

According to EasyJet, 8 of their 10 flights to bring folks home to the UK today were grounded by Egyptian authorities.

But according to The Independent, British officials are apparently blaming the delay on a broken down airplane at the airport and claiming airlines are mis-informing passengers.

And other news reports are saying the situation is quickly devolving into chaos. Not knowing what’s happening and what to expect is exhausting and I feel for all the stranded passengers. 🙁

If you should ever get stuck in a similar position, here are a few tips:

  • Be flexible, if you can get a flight out to somewhere, you can get a connection to you ultimate destination.
  • Be nice! The people trying to help you are probably doing their best and even if they’re not, yelling at them is probably not going to help.
  • Research your accommodation options, you want to get stuck without a place to stay so looking into the hotel’s availability and cancellation policies.
  • Keep your electronics charged. As tempting as posting Facebook updates every 5 minutes might be, if you don’t have ready access to a power outlet or back up battery, conserve power so you have them if/when you need them to contact the airline, hotel, family, etc.

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