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Experiencing the Chinese New Year in Macau

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When I was planning my 3 weeks in Asia last year I wanted to spend a night or two in Macau and it just happened to work out that I was there over the Chinese New Year. Which was amazing, but also meant hotels were expensive and crowded.

Actually everything was crowded, but that kind of added to the festive atmosphere except when a few elderly men yelled angrily at me as they passed by in the crowd  (apparently I didn’t belong).

cab to Macau from Taipa

I took a cab from the Hyatt mid morning and wound up arriving in the main square just in time for the festivities.

Chinese New Year Macau Senado Square Celebration

Chinese New Year Macau Senado Square Celebration dragon center

One of the things I love most about Macau is the combination of Portuguese and Chinese culture. The square looked straight out of Europe but all the people and decor were decidedly Asian.

Chinese New Year Macau Senado Square overhead decorations

Saint Dominic's Church Macau

Chinese New Year Macau Senado Square Celebration crowds

Not to mention goat statues and cute orange trees everwhere!

Chinese New Year Macau fountain

I made my way up the crowded steps to the basilica of St. Paul and hiked up the adjacent Monte Forte to take in the view. There wasn’t much of one on a cloudy day.

St Paul's Basilica Square

View of St Pauls Basilica from Fort Monte

I made a quick, worthwhile stop in the old town of Taipa to try O Santos, one of the top rated Portuguese restaurants in Macau.

O Santos portuguese restaurant macau

Then it was off to the hotel to check out and catch the ferry to Hong Kong Airport, which made the day memorable for different reasons.

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