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O Santos Restaurant: Good Portuguese Food in Macau

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I didn’t have time to make it to my beloved Fernandos when I was in Macau last year, so I did a search to find the next best Portuguese cuisine near my hotel and discovered O Santos.

It was not cheap (by Macau standards), but it was charming! The restaurant is located on a pedestrian street in old town Taipa so I had the cab driver drop me off on the nearest cross street.

Old City Taipa Markets Macau

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau street

The crowds were a little lighter than the historic district had been that morning, which was good since O Santos has an unobtrusive store front.

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau sign

I had arrived shortly after opening and seated at a table on the main level, which was primarily decorated with photos and sports paraphanelia.

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau interior

I had read about the gregarious owner and his love of wine and was excited to see him enjoying lunch (with the iconic wine bottle) across the restaurant.O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau owner dining

Since I had a ferry to catch in a little over an hour, I settled for the house wine, which was decent and decently priced.

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau menu

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau house wine

The cod fish balls had received rave reviews, so though I was still full from breakfast I made a point of ordering one. A little fishy, but a good balance of fish and breading.

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau codfish balls

And though the restaurant is best known for other dishes, I just had to do the suckling pig which had a lovely crust.

O Santos portuguese restaurant macau

And though I was quite full, I decided to take one for the team and try the Gelado de Natas cream cake while I finished my wine. Not a dessert person, but it was good.

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau gelado de natas cream

My only complaint with the whole meal was that I didn’t have a bigger appetite!

O Santos Portuguese Restaurant Macau Keri

I still prefer Fernandos if I have the time and money, but if you’re staying in Cotai and want a good place nearby with an authentic feel, definitely try O Santos.

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