Targeted Offer: $5 Amazon Gift Card

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I’ve been pretty distracted by work lately (imagine that), and out of the loop on deals and sales. So I was happy to see Amazon’s targeted offer pop up on Slickdeals — for $5 promotional credit if you reload your gift card balance with $100 or more.

It is targeted, so you have to see if you are eligible. Just visit this page and click the click the button to see if you
qualify.Amazon 5 promo offer gift card reload

If you do qualify it will show up as coupon clipped. Your balance must be reloaded by March 31, the promotional credit is valid on products sold by and expires on May 15.

My main Amazon account with Amazon prime qualified, my rarely used non-Amazon Prime account did not. Not sure if I will take advantage of it though, I prefer to buy my Amazon gift cards at the office supply stores where my Chase Ink credit card earns 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar, which I value at more than 5% cashback. 🙂

Best of luck if you are interested!

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