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How My Trip To Singapore Led To My First Nude Swimming Experience

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So it turns out the website for the Damai Spa at the Grand Hyatt Singapore lets you make online bookings that don’t actually exist. The morning of, I made a 9AM massage appointment, only to arrive at the spa desk and find out the spa didn’t actually open til 10AM and they had no available spots.

They were extremely apologetic and were trying to make it right, but the fact it was Chinese New Year complicated things. The solution they proposed was to have me hang out in the female-only spa facilities — hot tub, sauna, etc — until they could see if a therapist could come in early. I was jetlagged and that seemed a good way to relax. It wasn’t until I was getting a tour that it hit me. I didn’t have a bathing suit with me.

Should I run up to my room and change? No, the therapist might call back and they needed to confirm with me, besides bathing attire was optional. Maybe the disposable underwear to pretend to be modest? “No just wrap a towel around you.â€

This seemed feasible until I walked up to the hot tub and realized I couldn’t really submerge myself or swim in the hot tub in a towel. It would be uncomfortable, weird looking, and I’d drip water everywhere anytime I got out. But the alternative would be a first.

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But it was what I had to do. At first I thought I could just get away with doing the sauna and then dipping my feet in the hot tub or cold plunge pool. But it was uncomfortable sitting on the tile edge for any length of time and I get really bored in saunas. Like bored after 2 minutes. I get that way when I’m alone in a hot tub, but at least it takes like 5-10 minutes. So I finally gave in.

I took the towel off and then realized the only hooks to hang it on were across the room. That wasn’t going to happen. So I gingerly hung it on the hand rail and tried to embrace the “freedom”. Different but not terrible. The only problem was I was so self-conscious that i wound up spending most my time huddled near my towel just in case someone came in.

They had confirmed the therapist would be in within an hour and 15 minutes, so what evolved was a hilarious, uncomfortable circuit of doing the steam sauna for 5 minutes. A quick 30 second dip in the cold plunge pool. Then a mad rush to the hot tub (in case anyone came in while I was sans towel) where I stared agonizingly at the clock until 10 minutes had elapsed. Back to the cold plunge pool to cool down.Then the dry sauna to remove some of the moisture from my towel (and watch the TV they had in there). 5 minutes later I’d leave gasping to try to rehydrate. Then rinse, repeat.

The best part of the whole experience came at the end, when an hour had finally elapsed and I could stop trying to be ok with skinny dipping and could grab my robe and head to the showers.

I hung up my robe in the little “antechamber”, and then walked into the shower only then realizing just how tired and out of it I was. I’d walked right in in my plush terry cloth slippers. After staring stupidly for a moment at the water soaking in, I grabbed them and tried my best to get the water out, to no avail. There’d been no locker room attendant the whole time, which was great earlier for my modesty, but now meant I’d be squishing throughout my treatment since there was no one to ask for replacements. HA.

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  1. I love this post! I spend a ridiculous amount of time figuring out the nude vs not nude spa etiquette and logistics!

  2. Funny post. But I could relate, while I’ve hot tubed at home nude I’ve never done it at a spa, etc.

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