My First Hot Stone Massage: Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa

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Though I love great spa treatments, I can’t justify to myself spending several hundred dollars for a massage, which means many experiences will probably be out of my reach. Including a spa treatment at a 5* casino hotel. And I when I do indulge, I still can’t bring myself to spend $30+ more to do a hot stone massage, so I’d never had one.

When I found out one of the perks of being a Diamond at the Grand Hyatt Macau in July was 30% off at the spa, I was tempted. Prices in Macau are much more reasonable than most gambling cities – a 90 minute hot stone massage was 1280 MOP (~$160). With the 30% off, it was ~$112. Not a particularly great deal, but cheaper than I’d find any comparable casino hotel in the states!

So, not knowing how great the pool was going to be, I went ahead and scheduled one last massage for that afternoon. The fact that they could fit me in at any time suggested summer was a slow season, hence the 30% discount.

Grand Hyatt Macau Twin Suite Pool View

I finally tore myself away from the pool and presented myself at the reception desk.

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa lobby

The waiting area while I filled out my details was more modest, but my massage therapist was ready and waiting for me long before I had finished filling it out.

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa waiting room

There wasn’t time to snap a picture, but the hallways and decorations were pretty plain. A complete contrast to the ornate luxury of the Grande Spa at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

I took a quick shower to rinse the chlorine off before starting my treatment.

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa changing room

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa Shower

The footbath was nice, though the cool looking circular seat was actually a little awkward for sitting.

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa foot bath

The massage table was heated, a nice touch. Though once she started applying the hot stones, things definitely got a little too warm. And I finally wimped out and asked her to turn down the heating pad. Is this standard for all hot stone massages?

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa treatment room

Grand Hyatt Macau Isla Spa treatment room 2

The massage itself was great. My therapist spoke fairly good English, though I still need to do a better job at standardizing my responses to pressure, heat, etc to minimize confusion. Not the most amazing massage ever, but I definitely didn’t regret spending the money. I’m not sure the hot stones were so significantly better that I’d want to spend more in the future.


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