Bangkok Spa Review: My Favorite Spa Ever – The Grande Spa at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

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Every visit I’ve had to The Grande Spa at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit has been amazing. Like the hotel in general, it just feels like home (though nothing in my apartment is as luxurious as that).

On this most recent visit I wasn’t necessarily expecting it live up to my memories, but it delivered again. My first day in Bangkok I was totally decadent. In the morning I tried the i.sawan Residential Spa at the Grand Hyatt Erawan and in the afternoon, once I switched hotels, I compared The Grande Spa.

I’d seen online that you could save 10% or more by buying a treatment in advance and that by buying a voucher, I’d also receive another 30 minutes of treatment, free. So I spent ~3800 baht (~$130) on their signature 90 minute Grande Relaxation massage voucher which included all tax and gratuity.

Despite having left a good hour and a half to check in and settle in before my spa appointment, there were delays getting into my room and delivering my luggage, so I arrived only 5 minutes before my appointment quite stressed. Even more so when they asked for my voucher. Despite having purchased it 4 days previously, I hadn’t received it via email yet. They told me to go ahead and have my treatment and I could bring them the email proof of payment when I was done.

Phew. Still a little rattled I realized I had forgotten my camera, so there are no unofficial pix of the amazing wood staircase and walls (although the rooms do actually look like the official pictures). But I made my way up the gorgeous wood staircase to the waiting room, though I could barely pay attention to my welcome drink and slippers. The cold towel was much appreciated though.

sheraton grande waiting room

While I was catching my breath, I found out the 30 minute additional treatment was a separate treatment and I could pick from 6 different fun things! I chose the 30 minute facial which was worth at least $50-$60 bucks – something I wasn’t going to splurge even more on.

The Grande Spa Express Treatments

One of the things I love most about The Grande Spa is the skill of their therapists. Not once do they lose contact with your body during the actual massage, even when they have to get more oil or a hot towel. It’s hard to explain if you’ve never experienced it, but it keeps the energy flowing and provides a relaxing sense of continuity that never fails to enhance the massage.

They also all speak good English, so communicating massage preferences is easy (a plus for those timid about communicating), and their technique, to me, seems flawless.

Although the massage earlier that day had stirred things up, this massage definitely loosened some major knots and pains. I loved my facial, which wasn’t about extraction, but about improving the blood flow and moisturizing the skin.

sgs grande spa double treatment room

At the end my therapist  remarked, which was true, that the massage had given me a baby face. Despite lack of sleep and not feeling well, my skin had a glow and I looked all of twelve years old.

I floated out to the waiting area to sip my hot ginger tea and reclaim my shoes. At the reception desk I was informed that they had received a copy of my voucher (which sure enough had shown up in my email inbox during my appointment) and nothing more was necessary.


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