Foodie News: Keri’s Favorite Winery Teaming Up with Favorite DC Restaurant

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You know how excited Jeanne & I are for the wine dinner featuring Glen Manor Vineyards (my favorite winery) and Dino’s in Shaw (one of her favorite DC restaurants)! There’s even a few tickets left if you’ll be in the area and want to try it — and hang out with us.

Well, this weekend I took Jeanne out to one of my favorite restaurants in the DC area, One Block West. Technically it’s not quite the DC area because it’s an hour out in Winchester. But it’s some of the best DC fine dining I’ve experienced, without the DC price. And it’s got a great casual atmosphere. Review of our dinner to come.

Jeanne Keri One Block West

But I digress. The good news is One Block West is also hosting a wine dinner with Glen Manor Vineyards this month — July 17. I wish I could go, but two in two weeks is a little extravagant even for me. But I think everyone else should! My first experience with One Block West was hearing about his pairing of a particularly sweet Glen Manor Petit Manseng with a spicy popcorn. I had not cared for the wine before, but now I love it (when appropriately paired).

Then I took my dad for the chef’s tasting menu and experienced the most amazing pork belly dessert, among other things.

One Block West Chefs Whim pork belly dessert

Here is the menu (and they’re really good about accommodating food allergies), $90 per person:

2013 Morales Rosé: passed hors d’oeuvres
2013 Sauvignon Blanc: Summer Squash Cake; Tzatziki
2012 T.Ruth: Chicken and Grilled Summer Vegetable Bruschetta; Aïoli
2013 Petit Manseng: Tropical Pineapple and Chorizo Salad; Chipotle Dressing
2010 Hodder Hill: Local Beef Short Ribs with Green Peppercorn Sauce; Duck Egg Noodles
2011 Raepheus: Gorgonzola Cheesecake

To book, call 540-662-1455.

Winchester is a great weekend destination, the aloft Winchester goes for a bargain 2,000-3,000 Starwood points a night, and you can’t beat the historic downtown area, of which One Block West is…you guessed it, one block west. 🙂

Disclaimer: We do not receive any consideration for talking about how great the wine or the restaurants are. I just get super excited about things I like and want everyone to get to experience them!


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