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Westin Rents Workout Clothes & Shoes!

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So apparently I’m a little late to this game, but I just discovered I can rent workout clothes and shoes when I stay at a Westin. I’m still homeless from power outages and 100 degree days and decided to spend one of the nights at the nearby Westin. It wasn’t until I got there that I realized I’d left my workout shoes at home. Sigh.

That’s when a friend mentioned she had seen signs in the hotel the last couple of months advertising their New Balance workout clothes rental. I was skeptical that I’d want to use their shoes (I’ve been to bowling alleys), but it was a Westin, and it was only $5, so I figured I’d try it once.

I called down with my sizes and they promised someone would send it right up. The first time they came they tried to deliver maxi pads instead, but the second time round I was presented with a cute branded mesh bag. Women get a tshirt, capri pants, socks, sports bra, and shorts. Men get shorts, socks, tshirt, and shoes.

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The sports bra looked practically new, as did (fortunately) the shoes. Later I found out the insoles are switched out after every guest. The capri pants and socks were new — both still had tags on them.

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Unfortunately I was missing a shirt. Called down again. Several minutes later a man showed up with another sports bra. Hmmm. He returned a minute later with a shirt. Bingo!

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The fit was ok. I’m not a huge fan of tight workout gear, nor of capri pants in the summer, but it was better than using my own clothes and creating laundry I couldn’t wash. I think next time I’ll go a size up though. Invalid request error occurred.The best part was not having to go home for my shoes or even having to lug them around in my overnight bag.

Apparently Westin did a survey of their most loyal customers and discovered the main reason people won’t work out on the road is the pain of carting clothing, shoes, and gear with them. An opinion Jeanne shares.

I was extremely pleased with my investment, which never showed up on my bill. Westin is definitely on to something, they just need to do a better job of letting their guests know!


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  1. Instead of borrowing clothes (especially ones that someone else has worked out and sweat in) send your own workout gear through Zipolo. I’ve used it and had my own shorts/shoes/shirts, etc sent right to my hotel. And they clean it when you send it back.

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