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Jeanne reminded me yesterday of another cashback site not listed on evreward.comTopCashBack.com. And it looks like they do in fact have some of the best cashback offers.

It’s a competitive market, so I’m not one to question why it’s higher. Jeanne, being slightly more savvy is, and the answer is simple — they pass along the entire commission to the consumer, making their money from advertisments on the site. Nice!

They also have no minimum for cashing out while Mr. Rebates requires you to earn $10 before requesting payment, Ebates pays out quarterly, Fatwallet requires no minimum for paypal payment — $10 if requesting a check.

However, I’ll note that while doing additional research on TopCashBack.com, I saw many reviews from people who were getting smaller cashback percentages than those listed on the website or who were having to follow up and submit tickets to get their transactions honored.

I’ve never had a problem with FatWallet or Ebates (I’m new to Mr. Rebates) and I’m not terribly disciplined at tracking what percentages I should be receiving for each purchase. While I’ll try TopCashBack.com on their biggest offers, I think I’ll probably stick to my usual sources for points and cashback and save myself alot of hassle.

But for those more organized and/or making many more hotel reservations than I, here are their current cashback rates:

Accor Hotels — 10%

Best Western — 5%

Choice Hotels — 5%

Country Inns & Suites — 5% (same as Mr. Rebates)

Fairmont — 5%

Intercontinental Hotels — 6%

Marriott –  2.1-4.5%

Park Plaza — 5%

Radisson Hotels & Resorts — 5% (same as Mr. Rebates)

Starwood — 3% (same as Ebates)

Thistle Hotels — 6%


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