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Comparing Using Miles and Award Wallet

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Lufthansa Flyer is currently offering free lifetime premium memberships to Using Miles, so of course I had to try it out! I’m already a big fan of Award Wallet, so I wanted to see if someone has come up with something better.

I freely admit that the following observations are based only on an hour of playing with the Using Miles site, and there is probably additional functionality I’ve missed.


Dashboard – shows all recent activity at a glance, but unfortunately dominates the page, pushing all program listings below the fold and requiring scrolling to see account balances.

Homepage of UsingMiles.com

Elite Status Meter – much prettier and inspiring than Award Wallet, it not only shows current progress to the next level, but lets you look at your progress towards all levels.

Award Wallet’s Status Meter

using miles point tracker status meterUnfortunately it imported my United info incorrectly, showing my total miles as my eqms. I have one-tenth the number of eqms which is a far cry from being a Global Services candidate…

Award Charts – each program comes with a “How can I use my points?” option that links directly to the program’s award chart. Pretty handy for instantly seeing the real value of your points and setting goals.

Bonus offers – now you can see at a glance any bonuses or promos being offered by properties and loyalty programs making it easier to earn additional miles and points without stalking all the travel forums. Down side: lots of listings I’m not interested in (like joining a wine club) but no way to exclude them.


  • Aesthetically appealing – it looks and feels sharp with cute icons and good use of color everywhere
  • Allows management of multiple user’s accounts
  • Shows deals and mile earning opportunities
  • Easy access to award charts and elite status requirements


  • Can’t log in to your frequent flyer account simply by clicking a link
  • Can’t view stored password for accounts
  • Some advertising in the sidebars
  • Lacks Award Wallet hover capability to view details without clicking/expanding

Other notes: I only have upgrade instruments for United, so I can’t tell if Award Wallet shows that info for all programs or just United, but Using Miles does not.


UsingMiles is good for folks who primarily like to track their elite status progress and like quick access to how to apply their points.

Award Wallet is ideal for folks who want a shortcut for accessing their account information and itineraries and/or a central place for storing passwords. Still my favorite!


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