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September’s Birchbox

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A few months ago Jeanne wrote about Birchbox, a great way to try luxury beauty items and get travel-sized products. I didn’t enjoy the first few months until I switched  my profile settings to hers, and then it’s been hit or miss for me.

One of our friends signed up using Jeanne’s suggested profile settings with only one or two changes, such as fine hair and her one big splurge being fragrance and she got a completely different Birchbox. It was fun to compare, and incidentally discover that for me, the Birchbox might always be greener on the other side.

In addition to a Fall Look Book, my Birchbox contained:

Roll-on Aromatherapy by 21 Drops. My scent was Focus, designed to keep you alert. The strong scent stuck with me for a couple of house, I’d advise putting it on your wrists or your temples, not both as the instructions suggest. 🙂

Wet to Go Sleep Over Kit containing a gelled oil cleanser and light colored correcting foundation.

The fun little wrapped package contained slate colored Color Club nail polish, a lace Twistband hair tie, and a sample of Twirl fragrance by Kate Spade.

The item I wasn’t a fan of was the gaily patterned ziploc bag for toiletries, which I’m pretty sure won’t meet the TSA requirements for a clear plastic bag.

My friend’s Birchbox was quite a bit different:

She had her Color Club nail polish in bright blue (we’ve pretty much determined every Birchbox contains one nail polish and one fragrance) and lace twist tie.

Her fragrance tester was Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir

A little tube of Dr. Jart+ face tint and suncreen ( I love this stuff!)

And LiQWd volumizing shampoo and conditioner as well as a volumizing spray.

She also pointed out what I missed, the two free music downloads available through the link at the bottom of the description card.

I’ve received about 4 Birchboxes now and am still debating whether I should continue. I’m not very adventurous or innovative with my beauty routine, so for me it may not be the best fit. Even if I don’t continue with the subscription I think it’s been worth a try.

If you want to give it a try and get on the waiting list, please feel free to use my referral link (which will give me store credit towards the Birchbox items I do like) or use a friend’s. I’d been interested in knowing what others received, particular in the Men’s Birchbox so please feel free to let us know in the comments.


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