Successfully Extending My United Global Premier Upgrades With One Day To Spare

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I’m ashamed to admit that I’m a United 1K with 6 expiring Global Premier Upgrades. But I was horrified to realize last week that they expired January 31 and that I finally had at least 2, if not 3, upgradable (though domestic) round trips on United in February. Most of my travel last year was on US Airways and the United flights I did have weren’t in a sufficiently high fare class.

So I did some researching and found Frequently Flying’s post from October on successfully getting his Regional and Global Premier Upgrades extended. I also found mixed results on a FlyerTalk thread. But no harm in trying!

So I call the Mileage Plus Customer Service Center and after repeating “Agent” at least 5 times to get through the automated system, I finally reached someone. And no sooner was the request out of my mouth than she quickly replied that they couldn’t extend Regional or Global upgrades that had already been extended once. Unfortunately my default is to be somewhat timid about things like this (it’s amazing I’ve gotten as far in travel as I have), so I’d already hung up by the time I realized that I’d never had my systemwides extended.

So mindful of the post on the FlyerTalk thread that said a comment had been put in their account, I decided to wait a few days before calling back. Today I tried it again, simply asking if they would extend them to the end of February since I had several trips coming up. The represented checked my account, said “wow. You still have 6?” and put me on hold to see what he could do.

Two minutes later he came back on and let me know they’d be extended until 01/31/2014! I’ll admit I squealed with happiness which caught him off guard 🙂 He said it would take a few minutes to do and asked me to hold until he made sure there were no problems. 4 minutes later I was looking at 6 Global Premier Upgrades that won’t expire until next year.

If yours are expiring, definitely give customer service a call (1-800-421-4655) and ask. And if you get denied the first couple of times, wait awhile and call back.


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