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Update: Fighting Frizzy Hair During Tropical Travel

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Round 2 on using Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector: Abandon Ship!

This time around I decide to wait til I was at my tropical destination to use the product, and avoid complications, such as terrible dry shampoo before I left. So I brought everything with me, except for the instructions.

Problem #1: In doing a search for the instructions, I discovered that it’s no longer listed on Garnier’s website and that multiple people have posted warnings that it ruins your hair and filed lawsuits that it’s flammable at lower than expected heat settings. So at this point I don’t recommend anyone uses it, just in case.

But I decided to go ahead and try it one more time anyway, since I encountered none of the hair damage problems and I don’t use a flat iron.

Problem #2: I forgot how much the lotion stinks and how few hotel bathrooms have proper ventilation. Needless to say, during the 30 minutes of application, my entire hotel suite started smelling like a hair salon (not a good thing)

Problem # 3: It was hard to get a humidity-free environment to “set it.” I blowdried my hair as usual and it did come out pretty straight and with a bit more volume, but it was oily looking (though not limp as before) and I couldn’t get it completely dry which made it amenable to taking on new shapes throughout the day. 🙁

I’m sure my hot oil treatment head massage the next day didn’t help much either.

Verdict: For the next few days my hair was less kinky/curly in the high humidity, but still had alot of waves/body. By day 4 it had completely given up and gone back to usual (which is why you’ll see me with my hair up in most of the upcoming trip report pictures). It’s not worth it for limited success, and definitely not worth it for the possible risk.

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