Would You Drop Everything for a Free Mystery Trip?

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I just saw Heineken’s Departure Roulette Campaign (HT: Ruthi K) where they offer airport travelers the chance to push a button and win a free trip. The only catch is that they have to abandon their current plans and leave immediately.

I’m not sure what I do. I’m spontaneous and love free trips. But questions like — what airline are they flying? Is it in economy? Would I earn airline miles? immediately popped into my head.

Because usually when I’m in the airport, I am headed somewhere cool like the west coast or Easter Island, or I’m flying because I need the airline miles for status, like this weekend. So I decided I’d need to know if the seats were in economy, if I could earn status miles for it, and what the range of destinations included before I’d push the button.

Because I definitely wouldn’t want to give up a great destination for a lesser one. (Any of the destinations that appeared would have been totally cool with me).

On a separate note, do enough people actually travel with their passports to make this possible?

So if you were asked to play Heineken’s Departure Roulette would you do it?


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