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I Found My New Favorite Travel Purse

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I look for very specific things in a purse I use when traveling — it needs fit dressy occasions, needs to be sturdy and dirt resistnt for me me to plunk down on bare ground by my chair or on an old castle wall, and most importantly, it needs to be able to fold up and get scrunched in my carry-on if I need to condense to two personal items.

When traveling, I usually have my laptop case with me, which means it can double as a purse for the flights, so I don’t need something large enough to fit my electronics, just something that can fit a bottle of water, a guide book, large camera, etc. Small wants, right? ;-D

My favorite has been a $20 high quality faux Prada purse I picked up in the Golden Triangle which is made of out easily cleaned woven nylon with strong leather staps. But after 5 years of being slung around, its starting to show wear, and though I suspect it was actually made in the Prada factory, I can’t exactly take it into a Prada store for repair…

Oh, and did I mention I’m cheap? I prefer not to spend more than $30 a really nice purse if I can help it (this is why I love Thailand).

So yesterday my friend walked in with a new purse that met all the requirements:



The JPK Paris Nylon Bucket. It’s sturdy nylon, looks expensive, has strong leather straps, fun paisley interior and best of all, is $34.95 right now on Ideeli, although they’re going fast! I got the Nile color since I was looking for a light color for summer, but might have to go back and get the black. Other sites have them in a myriad of colors for $90 to the original $165 price. So this is actually a good deal!

If you don’t already have a free Ideeli account, I’d love if you’d sign up using mine since I’d get the refer a friend bonus (maybe I will get the black one after all!).


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  1. Jane

    July 23, 2013 at 8:21 am

    I just wrote about my favorite purse, the PacSafe Anti-Thief Bag yesterday in my blog: Gave me a sense of security though I still needed to be aware of my surroundings.

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