Grand Executive Suite at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

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The first night and last nights in Bangkok on my Thailand – Hong Kong trip this summer were spent at the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok. I had just started my Hyatt Diamond Status Challenge, so was mixing up my stays between Hyatt and my favorite property, the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. Not surprisingly, the Grand Hyatt Erawan is still competition!

I arrived at 2AM on Monday morning after 24 hours in-transit. There were multiple attendants to grab my luggage and take me to the front desk for check in. Which was a good thing, because in my tired state I was almost bewildered by the opulence of the lobby!

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Lobby view from Tables

I had booked a corporate rate which was 35% less and was prepared with documents since I heard they often require proof of eligibility. I don’t know if it was because I was a Diamond, it was 2AM, or they just don’t ask, but nothing was said about it at check in.  Instead, they mentioned they had upgraded me to a grand executive suite! (When making hotel bookings, definitely check to see if any of your affilliations or memberships qualify you for a discount.)

I was escorted up to my room where the hours of air travel just fell away. I was switching hotels the next morning, but now I didn’t want to! I didn’t even want to sleep and that was saying alot. I liked this suite as much as the one at the Grand Hyatt Singapore! (although it didn’t have the yellow chair)

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite

There was a guest bath immediately off the foyer and a great living room with dining area.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite Living Room

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite Dining Room View

I was pretty tickled at the full kitchen with stocked fridge although I definitely would have been paying to consume the contents. There was even bread and butter (which I wasn’t sure if I would have to pay for).

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite full kitchen

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite stocked fridge

Like the living room, the bedroom had a fantastic wall of windows, which were heavily curtained for my late night arrival.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite King

A walk-in closet.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite walk in closet

The bathroom was fantastic, primarily because of the giant shower with rain shower option. And yes, the mirror fogs as soon as you turn warm water on, so if you’re not a fan of your reflection, it’s not off putting.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite bathroom

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite shower

Despite the comfy bed, the sleeping problem I had had the prior week persisted, and I was up early. I ran downstairs to the gym which was quite busy at 7AM on a Monday morning. There were plenty of machines available, all facing a bamboo screened view of the next building. Not bad. Machines were prestocked with towels and water and attendants were quick to wipe them down and replace as people finished.

At check in, and by email before I arrived, they had notified me that lounge was being renovated and a temporary lounge had been set up on the second floor in the restaurant, Tables. So I tore myself away from my great living room after showering and had no complaints, in fact, it was hard to see how it could better?

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite Tables Lounge

I loved Tables dark wood and modern decor. It wasn’t open for breakfast, so the only occupants were club-eligible guests, and the food options were extensive!

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Executive Suite Tables Lounge Breakfast

After breakfast I went back to luxuriate in the suite before heading back down to i.sawan Residential Spa.

Based on this stay, I think the Grand Hyatt Erawan is definitely tied for my favorite hotel in Bangkok, but I’ll admit alot of that is because of the great price and the Grand Executive Suite I was upgraded to!


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