Who Am I? Keri Edition!

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So now that you know who Jeanne is, I’ll tell you a little bit about my travel background and interests.

Growing up my family traveled a bit but it was usually road trips. It wasn’t until my last two years of college that I actually started flying and seeing the world. That’s when I studied abroad in England and began dating a British guy for the next 4 years.

Turkish Airways First Class SuitesEven as I flew transatlantic 3-4x a year, which is a lot on a new graduate’s salary, I still wasn’t very disciplined about collecting airline miles. It wasn’t until 2006 when I booked tickets on Alitalia’s $33 + tax mistake fare from Toronto to Cyprus in Business class that it all started to click.

2007  was the first year I hit a meaningful airline status which launched my love of quick weekend trips to the west coast (or anywhere). Building miles through credit card spend followed soon after. And then in 2009 I took my first vacation in luxurious international first class and I was hooked.

new Orleans BouchonSeeing new sites and trying new wines thrills me! I hate having a bucket list, for me to find a place I want to go is to start planning how to get there. If I’m not traveling at least 2 weekends a month, I fret. Of course, my travel approach is not to cram everything into one trip — if you like it, you can always go back.

Unfortunately none of my travel is for work so all my airline statuses are earned in my free time. Which means you can look forward to lots of crazy posts on quick weekend trips as well as at least one big luxury vacation on miles and points a year. And of course wine and food. And whenever I have good hippo karma….watch out!

I’ve always worn heels, but it hasn’t been until recently that my travel style has evolved to match the rest of my life, largely because I’ve discovered better travel accessories, like beauty products to minimize dark circles and heels I can run through the terminal in and spend all day sight seeing in.

Jeanne and I were co-workers and workout partners for over a year before we discovered we both had similar styles and enthusiasm for travel, which we cemented in with a 3 hour jaunt in Jamaica. Thus Heels First Travel was born. And while I’m currently unmarried, my travel heart belongs to Jeanne. 🙂

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