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Is the Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow the Ultimate?

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I’m not a huge fan of traveling with neck pillows. They take up space and I don’t sleep that much better in transit. But facing two 12 hour red-eye flights in economy, I needed to figure something out. I wouldn’t make it if I kept doing the head snap every time I tried to doze off.

My assumption was that inflatable pillows, though more compact, would be less comfortable than foam, but I decided to do some research and figure out something that would make my flights to Israel less miserable.

And I stumbled upon the Travelrest inflatable pillow which was getting rave reviews from people who aren’t crazy about neck pillows.


The Travelrest is more like a mini body pillow. It gives you a decent size surface to rest one side of your head on and also gives you something to rest your arms on. That sounded appealing. It also had several options for securing it in place — either by attaching to the back of your headrest or securing it like a messenger bag. And it claimed to inflate in just a couple of deep breaths.

So though I choked at spending $27 on a neck pillow, I went ahead and bought it and watched all the instructional videos on how to use it.

And I slept for much longer than usual on the flights, with many fewer aches. There’s something about having something to rest my arms on, besides the armrests or folding them, that reduces the tension in my shoulders and back.

It does inflate in about 3-4 deep breaths. It also folds up to about the size of a soda. Some people had mentioned the seams felt too rough, but I had no problems with them and found the suede covering fairly comfortable.

Travelrest Inflatable Travel Pillow deflated

My only major complaint is I probably look weird inflating it and then hugging it in my sleep. But its still worth it, even if I’m “that person” on the plane.


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