My First Flight On JetBlue in a Decade

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Now that I have top status on 3 airlines for a few months, I of course, decided to fly a carrier where I have none. 😛 In this case, saving several hundred dollars on my holiday flights was worth it.

So I booked my departing flight on JetBlue, eschewing even the “even more space” $35 seating options, figuring as someone who’d spent alot of time in US Airways economy, I could hack a few hours with limited leg room.

The day of my departure came, I figured I should arrive at the airport earlier than I usually do since I wouldn’t have access to the priority security line and I needed to check a bag. I texted for a cab at 5:20 which usually comes in a few minutes, 25 minutes later I was rather panicked and finally pulled up Uber on my phone — within 5 minutes I was seated in a black car speeding to the airport. Whew.

I confidently walked up to the check in kiosk to check in my bag, which I’d been delighted to learn was free.

JetBlue CheckIn Kiosk

Punched in all my info and hit the option to “Just check my baggage.”

For several minutes I stood there waiting for someone to come over with a bag tag. Then I watched the passengers next to me taking their bags into the nearby line. I looked at the screen.

JetBlue Bag Drop


Nothing like flying a different airline to humble one’s sense of travel skills…

Now I was worried about boarding. I wouldn’t have a clue what group I would be! As I was starting to do a search for it on my cell phone, they did a gate announcement reminding people of the boarding process. First those who needed assistance, then those who had bought “even more space”, then kids under 2, then starting at the back of the plane.

As I filed into line which moved quickly and without any frantic scrambling for overhead space. I couldn’t help seeing what a difference offering free checked luggage and boarding from the back of the plane made. And this is coming from someone who LOVES to sit near the front and be first to board.

And throughout the flight as I was sitting in a fairly spacious seat, munching on my free snack (iced animal cookies) and beverage while, and watching free Direct TV (this time a random but interesting documentary on eggs) I was struck with a wish that JetBlue flew to more of my destinations.

If I could fly JetBlue most of the time, my arguments for airline status — first class upgrades, mileage bonuses, etc would weaken. Because what I really want on my domestic flights is enough leg room, not having to worry about finding space for my carryon or paying when I occasionally need to check a bag, and an airline provided snack (as minor as that sounds). Top status on American Airlines or United gets me this. But apparently so does just buying a ticket on JetBlue.


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  1. Sean Colahan

    December 22, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Great post…especially with my first time flying jetBlue ever from BOS-PHL. Sounds like I will quickly become thankful that B6 operates a major hub at BOS.

  2. Kevin

    December 22, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    It’s funny to read this today. I’ve always liked JetBlue (Plat for life on AA) but they never really matched my flying needs until recently.

    I’ve been taking them from FLL and really liking them for a lot of reasons. Last week, I went to Bogota on them and the flight was delayed. They kept us apprised, explained what happened, and got us going an hour late with a simple, appropriate apology.

    Two months ago, from SFO to FLL a family was separated and in order for them to be together, I traded my aisle for a middle seat. The FA tapped me on the shoulder and beckoned me to an open EML seat on the aisle with an open center seat.

    Between what I find to be a nice, professional attitude and the more comfortable coach seats, I may switch most of my flying to them since I now have a much more limited travel portfolio.

    Christmas Day will be my 7th flight this year and I need to check a bag. I hope that goes well. But I think I may push for JB status next year.

  3. Tess Thomasson

    December 22, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Southwest offers 2 free bags per person and they’re pretty organized as well with snack/beverage, too. Downside: Lots of families with small children use WN because of the free bags and that usually means restless toddlers/children after about an hour (don’t ask me about my last flight with WN ;-/)

  4. Kestie

    December 26, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Had a similar experience last summer from DCA to MCO. Very pleasant easy flight. Enjoyed the snacks and the easy boarding. Got credit for my flights on Hawaiian Airlines. I will fly again on JB.

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