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What’s in the December Glossybox

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I arrived home from holiday travel yesterday to a pretty exciting Glossybox waiting for me! I will note though, that based on the sample sizes, I’m not sure the December Glossybox is necessarily a “value”, but not that’s not the whole point.

December Glossybox 2013

Regardless of whether I scored a deal, I was pleased. Every one of the products was something I would use!

First up was the facial items. A pumpkin mask from Michael Todd True Organics ($34) which claims to dissolve dead skin and clogged pores, something every traveler has to deal with at some point or another. And NAOBAY’s Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing ($44) with rosehip and sweet almond essential oils.

December Glossybox 2013 Michael Todd Naobay

Next was the makeup – fortunately they hit on the two things I use most, eyeliner and nail polish. The Nails Inc Victoria Polish ($9.50) comes in a dark cherry red color, very similar to those I favor. Yay! And I’m perhaps a little more reserved than the Ardency Inn PUNKER “world’s baddest” eyeliner ($19), at least it came in black and not bright blue, so I can actually give it a try.

December Glossybox 2013 ardency inn punker nails inc victoria

And last up was a giant bottle (5 oz) of Anatomicals’ You Need A Blooming Shower! gel with aloe vera, witchazel, rose and jasmine. May not be my preferred scent, but who’s going to turn down extra shower gel.

December Glossybox 2013 Anatomicals Blooming Shower Gel

Note: If you sign up for Glossybox using my referral link, I will get points towards my next purchase. I greatly appreciate this, but if you’d rather get cashback credit through Ebates ($2.75) or Mr. Rebates ($3), I completely understand!


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