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Why All Travelers Should Have Twitter Accounts Even if They Don’t Tweet

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I can’t believe I’m writing this post. It has taken me years to get into the whole Twitter thing. Many folks, like Jeanne, find it a great way to keep up with friends, track the latest news and more, for me it’s less instinctive and something I’ve had to make a concentrated effort to adopt.

And is it actually worth it? YES! I increasingly find Twitter a better, faster source of customer service within the travel industry than email or phone calls.

It’s great for resolving issues with your airline reservations, sometimes even faster than waiting in line for an agent.

Twitter Austrian Issue

When I was venting about internet connectivity, (problem with the plane not Gogo) they still proactively reached out to help.

Twitter Gogo Pass

It’s a great way to ask simple questions that might take several days to get answered via a Contact Us form.

Twitter US Airways Question

And it’s a nice way to feel appreciated as a guest.

Twitter Hyatt Outreach

It’s also a helpful way to find out instantly about fare mistakes and sales, and even have them delivered straight to your phone if you’re not actively following twitter!

Twitter FlightDeal

But to set the right expectations, not all social media departments are created equal and tweeting should be done in conjunction with some other method to resolve your problem. Some hotel properties rarely check their accounts. But others go above and beyond, not only in responding to requests, but also generating a sense of fun. Some of the best:


So I would encourage everyone, even the infrequent traveler, to create a twitter account in advance for those moments when you’d like a quick response and hopefully resolution.

And while you’re signing up, make sure you follow me (@KLATravel) and Jeanne (@Jeanne23), as well as the official @HeelsFirst account. 🙂


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