Hitting the Red Carpet Tonight Thanks to Moments by SPG!

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The red carpet was never on my list of top destinations, but I’ll be arriving there in just a few hours and feeling a little giddy about it. All thanks to moments by SPG!

How did this happen? A few weeks ago a friend was telling me how he’d won a Starwood auction that included, among other things flying on a private jet. I’d seen emails about the auctions, but never looked into it. I prefer to save my points for getting to stay at expensive properties for free.

But hearing his story about such an amazing, over-the-top experience prompted me to at least pay attention to the emails, just in case something that didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of points came up. A few days later the next email came.

SPG moments Film Ball

And it just so happened that they were offering tickets to the Vienna Film Ball and a one night stay at the Hotel Bristol. For the exact night that I already had a reservation booked there!

SPG Vienna Film Ball Auction

The tickets included:

  • One night stay at the Hotel Bristol with breakfast for 2
  • Tickets to the Vienna Film Ball including champagne reception, dinner, awards ceremony and ball.

I doubted I’d win, but as luck would have it, my last minute bid got it and now my first night in Vienna will be on the red carpet! Even better, I was able to redeem some US Airways miles last minute, before they left Star Alliance, to fly my friend Shawna out to join me.

It will be fun to see how two Southern gals, and former muay-thai partners, fare in European society.

Stay tuned for details!


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