Apparently Aloft’s Robot Butlers Don’t Work Weekends

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I was super excited about staying at the Aloft Cupertino this weekend because I wanted to see A.L.O, their new robot butler. I even paid a little more to stay there vs the nearby Moorpark Hotel.


So I was surprised and dismayed upon asking what hours the robot butler was on duty to learn that it “is only here Monday-Friday.” It was late and I was tired so I squelched all the silly unproductive responses that immediately jumped to mind:

Do robot butlers have a union?

What kind of vacation packages do they get?

So is there really just someone with a remote control who takes the weekend off?

Is this just an excuse because someone stole it?


Looks like I’ll have to wait a few more months before I get to see one in action! Has anyone else tried it out?

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