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Guide on Traveling the World and Building a Successful Business

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I saw this great interview with Breandan Beneschott, co-founder and COO of Toptal recently on Tim Ferriss (of The Four Hour Work Week fame) website.

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Many of us dream about how to get paid to travel the world or find a way to do our jobs remotely so we can travel more, and Beneschott is a great example of how to put it into practice. That last sentence probably has a lot to do with his success:

“I encourage everyone in Toptal to travel, and a lot of us do. Some of us travel for week long “breaks” throughout the year, and some of us live out of a suitcase like me. Few of us ever stop working for a full day.”

In the article he offers a nice range of advice, everything from how long to stay, who to go with, detailed packing lists, even how to make it work with your clients!

Read the article.


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