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Targeted United Offer: 25,000 Bonus Miles for 4 Flights

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Check your inbox! I got an email this morning from United offering up to 25,000 bonus award miles for qualifying flights flown April 1 through June 30. It wasn’t clear from the “25,000 bonus miles can be yours” subject line that this wasn’t just touting a big ticket purchase through their shopping mall, but it wound up being a great offer.

United 25000 bonus award mile offer details

I’ll earn 5,000 miles for one qualifying roundtrip, 10,000 for 2 roundtrips, and 25,000 for 4.

What’s interesting about this offer is I haven’t flown United in 2 years, though I’ve redeemed miles and credited short Thai segments to my Mileage Plus account.

The terms and conditions are clear that only recipients of the email are eligible, but if you’re planning on booking and flying United in the next 3 months, here’s the link if you want to try to register.

united mileage plus 25000 bonus miles offer terms conditions

Did anyone else get a similar offer?


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