Is Squatting Better Airplane Seats Becoming a Thing?

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Airplane etiquette isn’t quite like pornography. Apparently people don’t always know the right thing to do when they see it.

So I offer a well-intentioned tip to infrequent flyers: If you want to sit in a certain seat or sit with your traveling companions, pay for it upfront. Your fellow passengers did.

I saw an article today in the New York Times titled Elbows Grow Sharper in Segmented Airplanes. It addressed the growing tension between infrequent and frequent flyers — namely when infrequent flyers ask or in some cases, insist, that others give up their seats so they can be more comfortable, take advantage of premium seating, etc.

The article goes on to talk about the peer pressure these passengers exert in order to have their way, even in some cases retaliating with not-so-subtle elbows to their seat mate.

I will sometimes switch to a different aisle seat or sometimes a window to accommodate people, but for all other requests I just nicely decline. I do feel bad for the 6’4″ person sitting in the center seat but I fly 100,000 miles a year to make sure that doesn’t happen to me!

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