Two Planes Have Close Call on Runway at Midway Airport

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Almost like something out of Airplane!, two planes with similar flight numbers at Midway Airport started taking off at the same time on intersecting runways. Both Delta flight 1328 and Southwest flight 3828 were to stop in time and eventually made it to their destinations.

Via CBS Chicago, here’s the transcript with the control tower

ATC: (inaudible)…1328 stop! Stop! Stop!
DELTA PILOT: 1328, Stopping
ATC: 1328 make the right turn on to uh, taxiway Delta, right turn to Delta, hold short runway four-right.
ATC: You keep answering for each other, it’s Southwest 3828 and Delta 1328…

SW PILOT 11:12: Southwest 3828
ATC: Go ahead sir.
SW PILOT: …were we the ones clear for take-off?
ATC: Yessir, you were, you were the one – you were doing what you were supposed to be doing.
SW PILOT: …Delta was rolling also?
ATC: Yes…he took your call sign, somebody kept stepping on ya, trying to figure out who it was and then, that’s why I reiterated that it was you that I was clearing for take-off.

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