New Hotel Converts Former Crypt

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The Crypt Hotel has opened in Maine, a new addition to the Inn at the Agora, a boutique hotel in a former rectory. And as you might have guessed, the Crypt Hotel offers one room — in the converted crypt, which once held the remains of the church’s first priest.

Guests who stay in the crypt will get the following amenities:

The Hotel Crypt offers all the amenities you’d expect of a place of eternal sleep.  As our guest, you will enjoy an exclusive evening in a custom-built pine box coffin with comfortable bedding, a 32-inch LCD TV with a selection of over 60 classic horror/scary movies, a furnished sitting area within the original gated crypt, even a complementary souvenir bottle of “Bloodeaux” to round out your experience.

Apparently the first night stay in the Crypt when for $760. Prices range from $290-$410 per night.

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