The New Travel Jacket 50,000 People Want

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This Kickstarter campaign made history today as the most successful clothing campaign in Kickstarter history when it raised over 9 million dollars and sold almost 50,000 jackets.

baubax travel jacket features kickstarter campaign

BauBax Travel jackets have host of impressive built in features, though I’m curious as to what you’d look like if you used all of them at once.

  • Built-in inflatable neck pillow
  • Eye mask
  • Earphone holders that prevent tangling
  • Koozie drink pocket
  • Phone pocket that seamlessly connects to earphones
  • Sunglass pocket w microfiber cloth for cleaning
  • Passport pocket
  • iPad pocket (it fits an entire iPad!)
  •  Zipper that is also a pen and stylus
  • Hand warming pockets that also help prevent dryness
  • Built-in fingerless gloves
  • Portable charging pocket

The original $99 Kickstarter price is sold out, but you can apparently still get in on the action for $129-$159 (depending on the style) to get a discount on the $160-$200 retail price. Jackets will ship in November.

Great idea or overkill?

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