10 Things You Can’t Do On a Plane

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A little lightheartedness for the holiday weekend. 10 things you should avoid if you don’t want to be arrested. Some may come as a surprise, some may not…

  1. Have a cobra or an emotional support rabbit that looks like a rodent.

    You can have a scorpion on board but it can’t sting anyone. Miniature horses and pot-bellied pigs are also ok.Rabbit in suitcase

  2. Cry about your parent’s heart attack
    woman upset in airport gate

  3. Paint your finger or toe nailsNail polish on planes

  4. Have sex in the plane lavatory, or in your seat
    economy class plane cabin

  5. Ignore personal hygiene travel amenities shampoo soap

  6. Carry your life savings or any large sums of cashTSA 75K cash

  7. Say or wear the “f-word”

    FCUK tshirt

  8. Take pictures of your seat 

    Cathay Pacific First Class JFK YVR seat Suite 1K

  9. Drink 3 dozen drinks and threaten a police officer meeting you on the jetway

    US Airways First Class Double wine

  10. Attempt to open the emergency exit door to get fresh air

    tandem sky divers

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