More Deaths from Selfies Than Shark Attacks in 2015

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Perhaps all those selfie stick bans are good for your health? Mashable just issued a report that there have been 12 deaths from failed self-photograph attempts, compared to 8 reported deaths from shark attacks.

mashable selfie vs shark attack

The most recent was a Japanese tourist who died at the Taj Mahal when he fell down a staircase. Other notable selfie #fails include a woman in Russia who accidentally shot herself (and survived) posing with a gun and a man who died from goring during the running of the bulls. Not to mention the park in Colorado that shut down because visitors wouldn’t stop taking selfies with bears.

This seems both silly and tragic because these deaths were easily preventable! So the next time you take a selfie, or let your friends indulge, be aware of your surroundings.

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