September Cairn Box: Pocket Bellows & Other Trendy Camping Things

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My September Cairn box full of new outdoors and camping products arrived! I think I love my cairn box for the inspiring quotations and photos as much as the products.

And included in this box was a beautiful greeting card ($3) depicting Bend, Oregon from Mike Putnam Photography with a code for 10% off his work.

September Cairn Camping monthly subscription box photography

Skout Organic Raw Jalapeno Pumpkin Seeds ($6.50) which fit a fall theme.

September Cairn Camping monthly subscription box pumpkin seeds

A UST Brands Compass Carabiner ($3), which I’ll throw on the bag I take hiking and a Whisky Run Butter Stick Lip Balm ($3.50) which will also be a nice addition to my pack.

September Cairn Camping monthly subscription box compass carabiner

There were also a few items that I liked, but doubt I’ll have a chance to use soon…The Blackstrap Daily Tube ($20), a face mask featuring Cairn user submitted photography and the Epiphany Outdoor Gear v3 Pocket Bellows ($15) that will help start even fires made with wet wood.

September Cairn Camping monthly subscription box face mask pocket bellows

If the chance to use either does come along friends will probably be shocked at my level of preparedness.

The box runs $25 a month, so not sure I got my money’s worth, but as non-camper I can’t really complain. If you’re interested in signing up, (cue shameless plug), please tell them Keri at Heels First Travel sent you.

They do have a loyalty program of sorts. Earn 250 points and get a free box. You get 25 points for completing your profile and 25 points per box you review. Getting a friend to sign up gives you 100 points.

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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