Why You Want to Find a Foam Egg

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A few weeks ago I pulled up a page on TopCashBack enroute to a purchase and a hummingbird appeared. Out of curiosity I clicked on it and a box popped up telling me I’d found a foam egg. What!?

Turns out if I find another one I get $1 added to my TopCashBack account. And with every fake treat I find through December 12, I get an entry for the $1,000 grand prize. That’s pretty cool, especially since no purchase is required, just a TopCashBack account.

topcashback sweet treat giveaway prizes

They offer a clue each day as to which merchant is hosting the hummingbird. I’ll cheat and tell you today’s: TigerDirect. Make sure you’re logged in to be able to see the hummingbird.

topcashback sweet treat giveaway Dec 4 store

I’m a big fan of TopCashback even when they’re not offering virtual foam candy. They have some of the better cashback rates at stores I shop at and I’ve had no issues with cashback crediting.

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