Not All Crocs Are Ugly and 50% Off Boots for Siteseeing

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A couple of shoe deals on Amazon right now. I was shocked to discover that not all Crocs are ugly, some of their sandals can be quite cute. Though beware wearing them in the rain. Amazon has them for up to 50% off right now, including the Crocs Women’s Leigh Wedge Sandal.

crocs Women's Leigh Wedge Sandal sale

And the Crocs Really Sexi Sandal.

crocs really sexi sandal sale

And if you’re not quite ready to start shopping for warmer weather, I was pleased to see that Amazon also has Merrell shoes at 50% off or more.  They have my second favorite waterproof boot for wandering around cobblestoned cities in the cold for as little as $66. I think I paid something like $120.

Merrell Captiva Launch Drizzle


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