Cheap Flights to Europe for $268 & More

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View from the Wing (via Secretly Flying) points out an amazing fare to Europe from New York and Boston. You can get September-November flights for as little as $268 on TAP Portugal. If you’ve been longing to go to Europe for a while, this is a great chance to pop over, even just for a weekend

Tips for the infrequent traveler:

  • Don’t wait! Don’t put this on your list with a plan to come back to it later today or this week, the fare will be gone. Don’t wait to hear back from friends or family — if they don’t respond right away, book your own ticket and let them take their chances.
  • Go for a weekend. You don’t need to turn this into your lifetime, dream Europe trip. Pick a city you’re interested in and just go for 2-3 days and see what you think. At this price, you can always go back.
  • Book first, figure details later. Yes, you might wind up booking on one of the most popular holidays or when something you really wanted to see is closed, but take the chance and don’t miss out on the fare if you’re interested.

Target’s collaboration with Marimekko went on sale today!

Packing for two climates when traveling for business. Road Warriorette offers some helpful tips about how to pack an appropriate work wardrobe for extreme temperatures and limited space. I’m still working on my trip report for the Iditarod, which will include my dilemma/packing tips for an 8 day trip that includes subzero temperatures and humid 80 degrees and a complete unwillingness to check a bag. 🙂

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7 Reasons Disney World Without Kids is Better. I really enjoy The Deal Mommy’s posts for their candid assessment of traveling, as well as the deals. And her list of why Disney can also be an adult destination is spot on! Le Chic Geek and I had a fantastic time at Epcot a few years back.

Lyft Line launched in a bunch of cities this week with more on the way. For a limited time you can take rides in certain zones for only $5. The Reward Boss has specifics on which areas are included in the $5 Lyft Line Zones. Basically Lyft Line is a paid carpooling service. You put in your origin and destination and they assign a driver to you who might already have a passenger headed your way or pick one up enroute.  With prices up to 60% cheaper then private Lyft cars, this makes for a great alternative to public transportion!

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The benefit to trying this service out in the early days, is that your price is fixed upfront and until it gains popularity, the chances you’ll be the only passenger is pretty high. Friends have tried it here in Washington, DC and found themselves paying $4 for a private carpool that normally costs $12. 🙂 If you haven’t signed up for Lyft yet do so via my link and you’ll get $50 in credit and I’ll get a free ride.

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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