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London is Getting a Naked Restaurant

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The first naked restaurant in London will be arriving this summer. And if you’re interested, you’d better sign up now. According to their website, The Bunyadi pop up restaurant already has a waitlist of over 10,000 people for its 3 month run.

From their press release:

The Bunyadi plans to use only the most natural, home-grown ingredients to envelope its patrons in a Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing (not compulsory)!

Guests will enjoy wood-flame grilled meals served on handmade clay crockery and edible cutlery, in a space void of the industrialised-world’s modern trappings. They will dine under a canopy of candle lights, creatively partitioned with bamboo and wicker, as they recline on wood-hewn furniture.

If you like hip new spots but want to keep your clothes on, you’ll still have some options. There’s a non-naked section outside of the Naked & Pure dining room.

london naked restaurant the bunyadi layout

Based on the sketches, looks like guests dining in the purest form do have some privacy–each table appears to be in its own little alcove surrounded by natural bamboo partitions. You’ll also have access to a changing room, gowns, and lockers, though with a summer launch date I’d rather hope they also have showers, or at least towels for freshening up.


For those dining in the nude for the first time, Bon Appetit has a helpful article with 9 rules of etiquette for naked dining. Just so you know, the use of a napkin is a must! 🙂

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